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Write their name here and listen to their personalized music

Over 40 songs that sing your kid's name

How does it work?

Write the name of your kid and discover their songs.
Buy their music.
Download the app to listen to the songs you purchased.

Remember that you can only listen to our music within the app Totuga Music.

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Beautiful songs

Our songs seek strengthening the emotional connection of kids with their own name to build their identity while they have fun and learn. All our content aims to bloom social and environmental awareness.


Different names under the same account

You can discover songs for each and every one of the kids in the family, and enjoy them with a single account.

You must purchase each kid's music separately.


We have fans all over the world!

Over 7 million songs in 150 countries where kids around the world enjoy our personalized music. Join the party!


Gift Totuga's music

The perfect gift for a future mom, for your friends, your nephews, and all the little ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my account in multiple devices?

You can use your account in any of the family's devices, whether it is a phone, a tablet or a computer.

I have a physical album, but I want the digital one without paying

They are two different products, formats and prices. You need to acquire the digital version regardless of which physical versions you already own.

I want to gift music. How do I do it?

Go to, type in the name of the kid that you want to make happy, choose the album, and click on purchase. Once there, you will have the option to gift the album to someone else.

I want to put the music in a USB stick or somewhere else. How do I do it?

Our music can only be played from our app Totuga Music. Remember that with the app you can play them offline, and check them out on any device you'd like.